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Friends of Ashcroft

Who are Friends of Ashcroft and what do we do?



                                        Mrs Morrall                                   Mrs Marshall


We plan events to raise money for the school. We arrange meetings a couple of times a year to discuss the upcoming events. The events are then supported by parents and teachers to make them a success.

Events this year


13th March: 9am bags2school pick up


22nd March: Ladies Pamper Evening


9th April: Easter Raffle


10th April: Easter Raffle


10th April Easter Bake sale 3:15pm


24th May: Non Uniform £1 donation


14th June: Non Uniform bring a bottle


21st June: Summer Fair 3-5pm


18th July: Year 2 leavers trip


We know we ask a lot from everyone - £1 here and there, bottles, chocolates, cakes but without your support all these would not be possible and for that we are very grateful.


Ashcroft Christmas Fair 2018