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The National Curriculum is the core of our school science curriculum, and we teach this using the 'White Rose Science' scheme of work. The 'White Rose Science' scheme teaches practical approaches to science in an engaging and logical way. At the same time, it provides teachers with all the guidance and supporting materials they need to plan and deliver a high-quality science education.

We believe that our children should be taught science in a way that helps nurture an understanding of the value of scientific skills. Science learning should be engaging and inspiring. Our curriculum also covers scientific questions around sustainability and the planet, and helps children to develop an empathy for the local and wider environment.

Our KS1 science lessons are child-centred, following on from our excellent Early Years practice. Our learning model always starts with the prior knowledge of the children and has a clearly defined end point, at the end of the lesson or topic.  We want children to acquire skills and knowledge in a logical sequence so that they become embedded in long-term memory and can be used across the wider curriculum.