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Teachers at Ashcroft use the National Curriculum Key Stage 1 objectives and link these to fun and creative Termly topics. Through these topics the children take part in a broad range of practical activities concerned with planning and designing, making and testing and evaluating. We provide children with the opportunity to work individually and collaboratively in pairs and small groups, to discuss plans, construct their designs, and evaluate their own and their peers’ work. We also enable children to develop practical skills, knowledge of tools and materials, and to appreciate the need for safety both for themselves and those around them.

We endeavour to give children a range of skills and knowledge that will support across the curriculum. Design and Technology projects are part of cross curricular activities or may be taught discreetly, when children focus on particular knowledge and skills. We aim to enable our children to participate successfully in an increasingly technological world. 

 Here at Ashcroft we have a dedicated cooking room. The children experience cooking as part of the Design and Technology curriculum. They are taught basic cooking skills and also to consider nutrition and healthy eating when cooking.  We want to instil a love of cooking and see that learning how to cook is a crucial life skill.