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Our initial curriculum is the agreed Staffordshire syllabus; which we have further enhanced to fully meet the needs of our young children.

As a staff we are creating our own progression map to ensure skills and knowledge are taught in the correct sequence and that children progress as they move through the school. 

At Ashcroft we teach whole class RE as a discrete subject where pupils are able to communicate their knowledge and ideas in a variety of ways so that every child has a voice regardless of their ability.

Due to the dynamic of our pupil’s religious backgrounds we have identified that it is important to ensure children are given a variety of first hand and visual experiences of a variety of Religions, our aim is to gain this through resources, visits and in school enrichment. The needs of the children will be reviewed as cohorts change over the years.

Class books are used to record children’s responses and discussions which they regularly reflect upon and have access to outside of the RE lessons where they will often discuss the content with their peers.

We expect our children to approach what they experience in RE teachings with openness and understand the points of views of others as well as empower them to have the confidence to share their own ideas, expanding and justifying even if they are different to their peers.