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We want our children to develop a lifelong love of language and literature. We know that future success is linked directly to a broad vocabulary, love of reading and ability to communicate effectively through text. Therefore our primary aim is to, through intelligent repetition and skilled teaching, ensure that children have numerous opportunities to achieve the reading and writing expectations for their age group. In addition, we want to light a spark for literature through the teaching and reading together of quality texts. We know that story time is a vital part of this process and this is highly prized part of our school day.  We want our children to have the opportunity to escape with a good book and thus set in place positive reading habits to last a life time. We also want the writing process modelled for our children daily so that pupils see their teachers as writers and are surrounded by quality examples of text and modelled writing. Therefore, through clear expectations and inspiring role models, the children at Ashcroft leave us secure in their knowledge and with a love of literature that will ensure they have every chance of being successful in later life.